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The Generous Tortoise and the Stranded Eagle

Once upon a time, in a lush Emerald forest, where the trees moved with the wind and the rivers sang sweet songs, lived Tim, an old and wise turtle. A lot of birds, animals, and fishes in the jungle knew Tim, not just because of his age, but also because he was so kind.

As Tim walked along the forest floor one rainy afternoon, he heard a faint cry for help. Following the sound, he became curious and worried. Eventually, he found an eagle with its wing stuck under a heavy log. She was called the queen of the skies and her name was Elara.

“Oh no! “How did this take place?” Tim asked with worried eyes.

Elara snapped back, “The storm was too strong, and I couldn’t fly against the wind.” I fell down and now my wing is broken. I’m afraid I can’t fly anymore.”

Tim said right away, “Don’t be afraid, Elara.” I may move slowly on land, but I have a strong heart. We’ll get you back in the air.”

Tim pushed and heaved the branch repeatedly until it was lifted enough for Elara to pull free. Then he got her clean water and healing leaves to care for her cuts.

As the days turned into weeks, Tim never left Elara’s side. He fed her and soothingly talked to her. He would tell her, “You’ll soar the skies again.” Tim’s kindness gave Elara hope, and she started to heal in both spirit and wing.

The day finally came when Elara flapped her wings with confidence. Because the turtle had been so kind to her, she felt so grateful that she could fly again into the sky.

Elara told Tim before she left, “I can fly again due to your kindness. Please ask me for anything you wish.”.

Tim smiled and told her, “The best gift of all is seeing you healthy and free. But don’t forget that kindness lifts everyone, like the wind under your wings.”.

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Yes, Elara said, and a happy tear came to her eye. With strong beats of her wings, she took to the sky, her spirit as free as the wind.

Gradually, all the beings living in the Emerald Forest learned about the story of Tim the Tortoise and Elara the Eagle. Everyone in the jungle learned the power of being kind and generous to others from Tim.

The moral of “The Generous Tortoise and the Stranded Eagle”

Kindness can be a very good source of the healing and also the consolation. It affirms to us that even the smallest of kind deeds never get wasted. We not only help others to get rid of their melancholy but also strengthen ours, making a world where everyone can fly on the wings of kindness.

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