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The Benevolent King and the Humble Bee

It was a very bright summer morning in the kingdom when the benevolent King Rahul went out for a stroll to the palace gardens. As he admired the blooming flowers, he heard a very faint buzzing sound. “Bzzz! Help me, please!” said a tiny voice. The kind king looked down to see a small honeybee stuck in a spider web, struggling to break free.

“Oh, you poor little bee!” cried the king. Being as gentle as he could, King Rahul freed the grateful bee from the sticky trap. “Thank you for saving me, Your Majesty! I am forever in your debt,” said the humble honeybee. “No need for thanks, friend bee. I’m just happy I could help.” replied the king.

Later that day, the king was out surveying his entire kingdom when he got lost in a remote forest far from the palace. As the darkness fell, hungry wolves surrounded the king, snarling. King Rahul drew his sword to defend himself against the snarling pack. Though he was very brave, he was badly outnumbered. As the wolves closed in, King Rahul prepared for the worst. Suddenly, out of nowhere, swarms of bees appeared, furiously stinging the surprised wolves on their noses until they ran away yelping.

To the king’s astonishment, one of the bees flew up to him and said, “We are here to repay our debt, Your Majesty! I told all the beehives for miles around of your kindness in saving me this morning. We bees help those who help us!” From that day on, the forest filled with the happy buzzing of bees, and King Rahul learned that even the smallest friendship can make the biggest difference!

Moral of the Story – The Benevolent King and the Humble Bee

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