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The Kindhearted Monkey and the Crocodile

At the center of the blessed green fields where, instead of talking, the river whispering secrets to the trees, lived Miko, a monkey whose heart was as golden as the sun. To Miko, nothing was more important than to give his valuable fruits to everyone who passed by his mango tree, which he had especially chosen.

One day, a big, soft-eyed reptile with the name Kip came swimming near Miko’s tree. “Hello there! I’m Kip. He said, “Those fruits look yummy,” his voice seemed to be thundering from a distance.

Generous as he was, Miko couldn’t help but squeeze the biggest mango out of his hand and send it down to the delighted Kip. “Here you are, friend! Miko my name. “There’s plenty to share!”

And the bond, that of the most precious friendship, bloomed between Miko and Kip. They had so many sunny happy afternoons together with lots of tales and sounds. Miko did not know that Kip had a problem.

Kip’s family was poor, and he felt hopeless. He figured, “Perhaps, Miko’s heart, sweet and full of kindness, could feed my family.” However, the thought made Kip’s heart sink with an acute feeling of sadness.

The following morning Kip tentatively stated to Miko, “My family is very hungry; the fill up from your heart which is supposed to be the sweetest part.

Mike was stunned but realized that Kip needed help. “Give me a minute,” Miko said, scratching his head. After that, suddenly, he got a bright idea. “Cannot you bring your families here tomorrow? “I have a plan.”

The day after that, Kip brought his family with him. However, when they looked under that tree, they realized that the area around the tree, Miko’s tree, was covered in different fruits.

“Miko, what is this?” Kip asked, in temporary amazement and at the same time feeling gently touched.

Miko smiled warmly. “Although my heart may be broken in many ways, I find beauty in the moments when I make others happy.” And this is where the genuine sweetness lies – in paying attention and being loving. Oh, please, make sure your family is regularly eating these fruits. “They’re my happiness,” is the translation.

Kip and his family felt the impact of Mikos’s speech in a personal way. They enjoyed the fruits, that ensured Miko’s benevolence was not only in their stomachs but in their hearts as well.

And from that day onwards Kip and his family made it their mission to shine Miko’s compassion in the whole jungle and donate food to those who needed it. They had an epiphany, a kind heart being the only real nourishment.

And Miko? He didn’t care that they could now understand the delight of sharing because he just wanted to see his newly found friends rejoice. “Miko would always say to me,” A heart filled with kindness is the sweetest thing humans can have.” it can round out not only your tummy but also your mental health.

The Sun was setting beyond the Green Meadows as the jungle was chirping with the sounds of friendship and fun. Miko and Kip, side by side, watched the stars emerge, reassuring themselves that their union was proof of the power of altruism and gift-sharing.

And thus, that day the jungle animals discovered that the ultimate joy is by sharing and not by having much. In short, the heart that gives is the heart that expands.

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Moral of “The Kindhearted Monkey and the Crocodile” Story

These two things, kindness and sharing create happiness more than any other thing we have, and other people around share great benefits from them.

A heart that shares naturally is the most wealthy of all because it provides links of associations and spreads joy over and around.

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