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The Schoolboys’ Pact with the Royal Elephant

In the bustling heart of the kingdom of Sundarapur, where the streets echoed with the laughter of children and the air was filled with the scent of blooming jasmine, there lived three schoolboys: Arav, Bikram, and Chetan. The trio was inseparable, known throughout the town for their mischief and boundless curiosity.

One hot summer afternoon, as they wandered beyond the town’s bustling market, they stumbled upon the royal stables, where the king’s majestic elephant, Gajendra, resided. Gajendra was no ordinary elephant; he was renowned for his intelligence and gentle nature, a true jewel of the kingdom.

Driven by their curiosity, the boys approached Gajendra, who greeted them with a gentle swaying of his trunk. “Hello, mighty Gajendra,” Arav called out, his voice tinged with awe. “We’ve heard tales of your wisdom and kindness.”

Gajendra looked down at the boys, his eyes twinkling with a quiet understanding. “And I have heard of your adventures,” he rumbled back, his voice deep and warm. “What brings you to my humble abode?”

Bikram, always the most daring of the trio, stepped forward. “We wish to learn from you, Gajendra. To make a pact of friendship, if you will have us.”

Chetan, the quietest but the most thoughtful, added, “We believe true friendship knows no bounds, not even between boys and a royal elephant.”

Moved by their sincerity, Gajendra agreed. “Very well, my young friends. Let this be our pact: to always aid each other in times of need and to share in the joys of our friendship.”

Thus began an extraordinary friendship between Gajendra and the schoolboys. They would spend their afternoons listening to Gajendra’s tales of the forests where he was born, of moonlit nights and the songs of the wild. In return, they shared with him stories of their lives, their dreams, and the world beyond the royal stables.

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One day, a challenge arose that would test their pact. A great flood threatened the town of Sundarapur, the riverbanks swollen with relentless rain. Homes were in danger, and the townsfolk were in a panic, struggling to protect their belongings and loved ones.

Remembering their pact, the boys rushed to Gajendra for help. “Gajendra, our town is in peril. We need your strength to help move the people and their belongings to higher ground,” Arav pleaded.

Without hesitation, Gajendra rose to his feet, his sense of duty as strong as the bond of friendship he shared with the boys. Together, they worked tirelessly, Gajendra using his might to carry children and goods to safety, while the boys directed the townsfolk and assisted in the efforts.

As the waters receded and Sundarapur was saved from the brink of disaster, the townsfolk gathered around Gajendra and the schoolboys, their hearts full of gratitude. The king, upon hearing of their bravery, declared a feast in their honor, praising the unlikely heroes who had saved the town.

“Gajendra, Arav, Bikram, and Chetan,” the king announced, “your friendship and bravery have shown us all the true strength of unity and compassion. Sundarapur is forever in your debt.”

The boys, standing beside Gajendra, realized that their pact had not only brought them closer together but had also become a beacon of hope and courage for the entire kingdom.

The moral of “The Schoolboys’ Pact with the Royal Elephant”

This story teaches us that friendship transcends all barriers and that together, friends can face any challenge, turning the tide in the darkest of times. It reminds us that the bonds of friendship, built on trust and mutual respect, can bring out the best in us all

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