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The Saint’s Shared Wisdom with a Schoolboy

The afternoon sun cast long shadows across the village square as ten-year-old Rohan sat on the stone steps leading to the old temple. He kicked his scuffed sandals against the worn stone, a frown creasing his brow. clutched tightly in his hand was a small, intricately carved wooden bird, its colorful paint worn with age.

“It’s not fair,” he grumbled, his voice barely a whisper. “It’s the only toy I have, and now I have to share it with everyone!”

Rohan had just witnessed a scene at school that had left him fuming. The kindly Saint, revered for his wisdom and compassion, had announced a new rule: all children were to share their toys during playtime. Rohan, who treasured his cherished bird, felt a pang of possessiveness.

Suddenly, a gentle voice broke through his thoughts. “What troubles you, young one?”

Rohan looked up to see the Saint himself, his eyes filled with kindness. Hesitantly, Rohan poured out his heart, explaining his distress at having to share his beloved toy.

The Saint listened patiently, then spoke in a voice soft as a summer breeze, “Sharing, dear Rohan, is not a burden, but a gift. It is a way to connect with others, to create joy, and to spread a little bit of happiness in the world.”

Rohan’s frown deepened. “But what if they break it? What if they don’t appreciate it?”

The Saint smiled. “Trust is a seed that must be planted before it can blossom. By sharing your toy, you plant the seed of trust and kindness in the hearts of others. And as for appreciation,” he continued, his eyes twinkling, “true joy often comes not from possessing, but from giving.”

Rohan pondered this for a moment. He remembered the times he had borrowed his friend’s kite and the thrill of soaring it high in the sky. He remembered the warm feeling he got when he shared his mother’s delicious mango pickle with his neighbors. Perhaps, there was some truth to the Saint’s words.

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Taking a deep breath, Rohan rose to his feet. He returned to the schoolyard, the carved bird clutched tightly in his hand. He found his friends gathered in a circle, their faces etched with curiosity.

With a hesitant hand, Rohan extended the bird towards them. “This is my special toy,” he said his voice barely a whisper. “Would you like to play with it?”

The children’s eyes widened with delight. They took turns holding the bird, marveling at its delicate carvings and faded colors. They treated it with gentle care, their laughter filling the air.

A strange feeling bloomed in his chest as Rohan watched his friends play. It wasn’t sadness or anger, but something warm and fuzzy. He realized that sharing his beloved toy hadn’t taken anything away from him; instead, it had brought him a feeling of connection and joy he hadn’t known before.

Later that evening, as Rohan lay in bed, the carved bird propped on his bedside table, he reflected on the day’s events. He understood now the Saint’s wisdom. Sharing wasn’t about losing something, but about gaining something far greater – the joy of giving, the warmth of connection, and the realization that true happiness comes not from possessing, but from sharing.

The moral of “The Saint’s Shared Wisdom with a Schoolboy”

Sharing is not a chore, but a gift. When we share, we plant seeds of trust and kindness and experience the joy of giving and connecting with others. True happiness comes not from what we possess, but from what we share.

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